Randomwithout a systematic pattern or discernible sequence in its behaviour or occurrence. Events [or data series] are said to be random when they lack specific direction, and cannot be explained or predicted except by chance…
Bob Marley and I, Kingston Jamaica

Hi, I’m James, and thanks for coming to my blog. Here I’ll be posting my random thoughts, stories, hints, tips and review as I travel about the globe!

Who the dickens am I? Hey, I’m James and I’m keen on travel, new experiences and putting my own perspective on things. I currently work within the charity sector and have worked for local government in the past, and through this I’ve had a number of opportunities to travel about the UK and beyond. My perfect job would be planning, researching, and creating itineraries for the rich and famous, right now I’ll just settle for doing that for my family, friends, and the readers of my blog.

Where am I from? I’m from a Black Caribbean background, and have lived in London for all of my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in America, and travel through various volunteering opportunities too. Living in London is great, and has given me the ability to travel easily into Europe and onto other major European hubs (Paris, Frankfurt) to help me get further afield.

What’s this blog about? I like the feeling of getting to place, trying something new – whether that’s a new place, food, drink, or something to see. I love to share my experiences and hopefully my friends will be inspired to travel and try something new. I think this approach broadens the horizons, and by doing random things will take me out of my comfort zone.

The blog will have posts about travelling, food and drink, and things do in various destinations. There’ll probably be some random bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

Where can you find me? I’m just starting out in this blogging life, so right now you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to follow me then you can like my page on Facebook or follow me on Instagram.

How can you contact me? If you have a place to recommend or just want to get in touch, email me: helloworld@randomtravelswithjames.co.uk, and I’ll send you my reply.
All the best, and thanks for reading!